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Bordelle Extra High Waist Slim Panties by Esmara/As Young (UK) (READY STOCK)
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*Imported Premium Quality Slim Panties
*Ready Stock 
* Real Product Pic taken from Inhouse.

Product Name :
Bordelle Extra High Waist Slim Panties by Esmara/As Young (UK) (READY STOCK)

Colour :
Black, Nude

Size Details/Measurement:
XS, S, M, L, XL
Europe Size Cutting

Size Suggestions :

XS sizeRecommended 45kg – 59kg
S sizeRecommended 60kg -69kg

M sizeRecommended 70kg -79kg
L sizeRecommended 80kg- 95kg
XL sizeRecommended 96kg – 115kg

Compression Technology for Slimming: FOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY Denier

Polyamide 90%, Elastane 10%

*Superb/Highly stretchable and elastic allow superb wide expansion.
*FABRIC expand & fit according to body shape.
*Seamless & feel light when wearing.
*Extra Elasticity at tummy area for easy toilet access.
* Instant Shaping & Body Support
* Cooling fabric like second skin feature.
* Super easy to wear.

Product Benefits & Functions :

Beauty & Fashion
*Reshape & Slim Waist & Tummy
*Superb Lifting & Shaping Buttock.
*Provide perfect CURVE (ALL OUTFIT) for Tummy Till Buttock.

Slimming & Healthcare
*Middle Body contouring, slimming, shaping.
*Helps wearer with good back posture.
*Reduce lower abdominal bloatedness
*Smooth Cellulite at Tummy.
*Comfy use during menstruations.

Direction for use :

Suitable as inner wear/Panty.
Optimal usage period 8-15 hours/day

Who can use it :

Suitable for all ages due to its delicate fabric.
Woking Women Dress for Body Shape (Dress, Skirts, Shorts, Long Pants, Gowns, Jeans, Formal Attire, Uniform , etc.)

Girls/Students Dress for Body Shape (use as inner panty for school uniforms, skirts, dress, shorts & etc.)

Housewives use at home all day performing household cleaning and activities.

How To Wash :

Should not wring or twist the garment (You can squeeze.)
*May roll the garment in a towel to remove excess moisture and lay the garment flat or hang to dry.
*Avoid direct sun exposure. (Indoor/Porch/Dry Under Roof/Balcony)
*Avoid ironing.

Guidelines above for LONG LASTING MAINTENANCE.

Note :

The price quoted is for Bordelle Extra High Waist Slim Panties by Esmara/As Young (UK) (READY STOCK).

These are READY STOCK ITEMS. Delivery is 1-2 working days after payment and post. Tracking will be updated via email for website order.

You can also whatsapp/wechat/call 0183602615 for more info.

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