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INFLATABLE MAGIC BRA PAD 台灣女人我最大推介神奇充气魔术胸垫


Only 10 seconds, C/D/E Cup will be created – Decide your own Cup size!

Pump air using your fingers!
Easy to upgrade your cup!
Size is adjustable!

Colors: Black / White

- A Simple and safe way to enhance breast; creates and increase cleavage. Safe and looks natural!


- Press the Bra Pad (Button A) to inflate until your preferred Size, press the Smaller button (Button B) to return to Original Size.

Material : Cotton. Comfortable and Easy to use.

- Suitable for any Bras And any Cup Size 


- Comes in a pair; 10.8cm in diameter


How To Use:

1) Squeeze the mini air pump several times and you will see the Magic Bra Pad inflated automatically.
2) Air can be released by pressing the small disc button with your fingernail and at the same time squeeze the Magic Bra Pad for releasing air.
3) The Magic Bra Pad size can be adjusted by pumping or releasing air. Adjust the size as desired and put Magic Bra Pad in a suitable position inside the bra cup
4) The Magic Bra Pad is washable and can be use when swimming. Only Hand Wash with warm water and soap. DO not wash in washing machine
5) When using, please turn the side with "Button B" facing outward in contact with the bra. The other side of clothes without “Button B” in contact with the skin.
6) Please do not brush the Magic Bra Pad during hand washing to avoid damage.


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