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980D Day Leggings
420D Night Color

MAÉVE Slimming Leggings



Items Listing :-

1.980D Day Slimming Leggings x 2 units (Buy 1 free 1 Special promo) 

2.420D Night Slimming Leggings x 2 units (Buy 1 free 1 Special promo)


4. FREE Special Gift x 1

Summary : Total 5 items 


Differences between 980D Day & 420D Night Slimming Leggings : 

Two (2) main differences between 980D Day and 420D Night Slimming Leggings 


- 980Denier day leggings are tighter than 420Denier night slimming leggings.

- 980Denier Day is not suitable to be used as sleep wear because it is too tight (980denier compression is too high for sleep purpose)

- 420Denier compression night slimming leggings is developed specially for sleep use


- 980D is suitable for outings/work but 420D is not because of  the sleepwear design


Compression Code:               

- 980Denier is the Compression code for the slimming leggings.

- The higher the number, the higher the compression



980D Day Slimming Leggings - Black

420D Night Slimming Leggings - Black / Purple 


 Leggings Length: Waist till ankle


Size Details/Measurement:     



Size Chart for Slimming Leggings :

【S-M 】height 145cm-163cm weight 40 - 58KG

【L -XL】height 154cm-173cm weight 59 - 71KG

【XXL-XXXL】height 160cm-178cm weight 72-105KG

【XXXXL】height 160cm-178cm weight 106 -130KG

*XXL to XXXXL top up RM20


Recommended Length of usage:

8-15 hours daily


Direction for use:            

Inner Wear for denim, dress, baju kurung, skirts, pants during working hours or other occasions.

Suitable for outer wear with fashion match outfits.

For optimal results put it on for 6-12 hours during day time, 6-8 hours during sleep time.

Recommended Usage:      

- Very suitable for those who wish to lose weight & shapes their body from waist down

- Not suitable to be used during pregnancy

- High recommended for post pregnancy women to slim down and shape back their body

- 100% Natural with no side effects 


Product Function:                      

- Seamless and superb slimming function.

- Lift and support butt.

- Shape and control top to flatten tummy.

- Prevent and reduce the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite.

- Micro massage increases blood circulation and aids tired legs.  

- Prevent leg swelling and heaviness.

- Ultra fashion appearance and medically effective. 

- Aids post pregnancy body restoration.



Effect after usage:                     

A reduction of around 2-3cm in leg circumference, this is based on a 50cm leg so expect more for larger legs!  



For customers' proven TESTIMONIALS, click HERE

*PROVEN to slim down 5-15 kgs and 2-4 inches on WAIST & THIGH  in 2-6 weeks 



Material :                                         

420D Night Leggings - Material: 75% Polyamide + 25% Lycra + 2% Cotton 

980D Day Leggings - Material : 25% Lycra + 75% Nylon 

*High quality Lycra material which is very comfy,breathable & cooling to be used for long hours 



Care Label:                                    

Hand wash at maximum 30°C.

Do not iron.

Do not use chlorine based bleach. 

Do not dry clean.

Do not tumble dry.

Use mild soap/detergent when hand wash

Avoid twisting garment 

Roll the garment in a towel to remove execess moisture & lay the garment flat or hang to dry

Avoid direct sun drying 


Production Country



* Should you have any inquires you may contact / whatsapp / wechat us at 0183602615.


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